Scooter Caffe & Leake Street Grafitti

Bars, London

Camera dump 08.06.2014 020

‘I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened’ – Mark Twain

I got taken to the quirky little Scooter Caffe last week. A coffee shop come bar, it served well as post work escape from the madness across the river in the hubbub of London. Turn a corner from Waterloo tube, and wonder through the marvel in itself that is Leake Street. A legal space for grafitti artists to leave their mark, it has taken on a life of its own. There must be hundreds of individual bits all vying for space, competing for attention.

On any given day you’re likely to walk past someone leaving their mark, unleashing their creativity in the space or often, the other side of the coin, painting over old works to make way for something new, different. Creation, destruction. Deeeep. Also its just really cool! Some real talent, great use of colour and just really fun to look at. A little hidden treasure. There should be more spaces where people can be freely creative, not just hidden away me thinks.

Camera dump 08.06.2014 016

Back to the Scooter Caffe! To me it would have fit right in down a tucked away street in the East village in New York, but we are lucky enough to have it here. Amazing coffee, cheap beer (£3.50 a bottle), a little beer garden of sorts, a million different trinkets and mismatch furnishings. If you’re ever near Waterloo and looking for a something different, away from the crowds with a chilled and friendly atmosphere, I highly recommend.


132 Lower Marsh