Tim Minchin- Speech at UWA, inspired

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‘Civilization had too many rules for me, so I did my best to rewrite them’- Bill Cosby

I love Tim Minchin. Aside from his comedy which is obviously genius, hes a pretty wise dude. Have a little listen to this fantastic speech he gave when picking up an honorary doctorate at UWA. His 9 bits of advice, against the norm perhaps but poignant.

1. You don’t need a dream, be micro ambitious
2. Don’t seek happiness
3. It is all luck
4. Exercise
5. Be hard on your opinions
6. Be a teacher
7. Define yourself by what you love
8. Respect people with less power that you
9. Don’t rush

‘Life is meaningless, not a flippant assertion. However, I am no nihilist, I am not even a cynic. I am actually rather romantic…’. I’m with you Tim.