Best Pizza in London- Pizza Pilgrams & Santa Maria

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‘One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.’ – Virginia Woolf

Man I love pizza. Perhaps its a given but seriously, it is so freaking good. That is why I have scoured London for what is (in my opinion!) the best pizza I can find. I think for now I have settled on my 2 hands down favourites.


1.Santa Maria nearish Ealing Broadway. Ok, so a little bit of a trek if you don’t live out west but my is it worth it. Having just been voted number 1 pizza to try before you die by the Evening Standard, I am not the only one to think so either. A tiny little place, completely tucked away, the menu is simple and focuses squarely on the pizza. The authentic Neapolitan pizza said to found on the streets of Naples (mental note: visit Naples) is expertly crafted and rich, and literally melts in your mouth. Helpfully, you can also grab a take out, as it is prone to get pretty busy. Or alternatively there is a fantastic pub called The Grove right by it, where you can wait for a table to free up. Check them out below:



pizza pilgrims

2. Pizza Pilgrims, formally of the Pizza Pilgrims’ van Berwick Street, now of permanent residence at 11 Dean Street, Soho. More than anything, I love the Pizza Pilgrims story. Their food is sublime don’t get me wrong, but how they got to where they are now is an inspirational tale of adventure and passion.

Take 2 brothers, a love for pizza and dash of courage and essentially Pizza Pilgrims was born. They traveled across Italy learning, exploring (creating a little TV show in the process) and upon their return set up the van (a 3 wheeled pizza oven come van) and toured until they finally opened their permanent spot. You can read all about their journey on their brilliant website linked below, it looked incredible!

The passion, quality and authenticity shine through all the food and the atmosphere at the restaurant. They obviously have lots of fun too, with the cracking free pizza for missing Panini football stickers going on at the mo (I wish I collected stickers!) Check this place out. I have convinced myself to get there again as soon as possible, perhaps even tonight. I’m craving pizza!



The London Gin Club

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‘You can live to be a hundred if you give up all the things that make you want to live to be a hundred’- Woody Allen

Gin lovers unite! In honor of World Gin Day this Saturday (yes it is a thing, google it), I want to delve into my memory to a couple of months ago where I took a little trip to the unassuming ‘The Star at Night’ pub just off Oxford Street. I love gin, but I have very little knowledge about the subject so my evening here was eye-opening!

Luckily my companion was a regular so did all the ordering for us. We sampled a tasting menu and tried a couple others selections too. The menu was helpfully broken down into sections so the novice like myself knew what I was getting myself into.

The gin arrived in dinky little bottles, each with its own matched garnishes. Bold copa glasses, ice and tonic all served separately so we could mix and match to our satisfaction. The lovely staff were helpful and knowledgeable, which added to the overall experience.

Genuinely, I had no idea that there could be so much variation in gin! From the sweet, to the spicy to the completely unusual and savoury.  Delicious and a great way to while away an evening. Very sophisticated.. Thanks for the great evening guys.

Check out their blog here:

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