12 Angry Men, Garrick Theatre

Events, London, Theatre


‘The right thing to do and the hard thing to do are usually the same’ – Steve Maraboli

I should go to the theatre more. I had an outing to see Twelve Angry Men a few weeks ago and it was bloody brilliant!

As one of my favourite films it was a complete no brainer to go see it on stage whilst it was in London. A simple but compelling drama of a jury of 12’s deliberation of a 16 year old’s guilt or innocence in a murder case, it is a classic tale of justice, questioning assumptions and addressing your own prejudices.

I always thought that the story would lend itself perfectly to the stage and it really came alive. One thing I loved in particular was the stage, I didn’t notice at first, but the entire central table was on a revolving section, so you could see all the characters from every angle through out the production. The wealth of experience on stage was great to witness.

The run has come to an end in London, however, watch the film for sure and keep a look out for other productions. I’d certainly go again given the opportunity.


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