Evans and Peel Detective Agency

Bars, London, Restaurants

Image‘Curiosity is one of the great secrets of happiness’- Bryant H. McGill

Sometimes I like knowing something that no one else knows about. Selfish and very hipster sure. Evans and Peel Detective Agency succeeds in creating that feeling even though it is now a well established little speak easy in Earls Court.

I love that you have to create a story that you want the Agency to investigate on your behalf, and then have to continue the story when you arrive at the ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ front door. It all adds to the drama and spontaneity that I often feel we lack on a day to day basis. That little buzz of excitement and anticipation and then the acceptance into the fold, into the bar itself.

Once you’re in you can relax get on to what is really important, the food and drink. Tasty snacks and inventive, generous cocktails, I was impressed. I’m also a fan of the cosy murky vibe, the fact that you are closer than you would usually choose to be to your company and to other groups. There’s a sense of everyone sharing in the collective experience, the community. I completely lost track of time down there, a feeling I relish in the ever busy lives I now lead.

Check this one out. Something a little different and above all a fun night out.




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