4-Hour Work Week- Tim Ferriss


4 hour work week

‘Efficiency is doing things right, effectiveness is doing the right thing’ – Peter Drucker

First of all this book is as radical as it sounds. It’s not just an attention grabbing title for the sake of pulling in readers. It is actually about reassessing what the concept of work is and realigning that with what we really want out of life. I feel as though I have read it a what happens to be a pivotal point in my own personal journey to discovering what this means to me, and this book along with number of others has sped up this process immeasurably.

If you are happy and secure in your 9-5, then this book will seem outrageous to you. However, my guess is that if we ask ourselves some fundamental questions about our careers and our lives then more of us need these sorts of books/ideas than we think.

1. What is happiness/ the ideal in life?

2. What is the purpose of working?

3. Humour me.. If you had unlimited time and money, no constraints whatsoever, what would you do every day?

Let me answer these from my perspective:

1. Happiness is being the best version of yourself, constantly learning, being grateful for everything you have, loving and being loved, experiencing the full and diverse spectrum of the world and everyone in it, leaving the world a better place that when you’ve joined. Not exactly a concise definition and maybe not even complete, but that pretty much covers my thoughts.

2. Working should basically facilitate all of the above. Allow you to work to your strengths, teach you new and useful skills, allow you to interact with great people, provide you with the money and flexibility to do all the things that make you happy, do some good in the world, etc.

3. So when I first asked myself this, I was ashamed to realise that I really didn’t have a clue what I would do if I didn’t have to work everyday anymore. Surely the whole point of all this hard work I’m doing was to achieve these things? But I didn’t even know what they were. So I wrote a bucket list. Now I think I’d be busy for the rest of my life and still not get through this list. It’s exciting. I’ll write another post about that. Its epic.

I don’t want to make this post mad long, as there is so freaking much I could say I have learnt from Tim and his approach to life, not least the genuinely practical advice he give about how to turn it all into a reality. Instead I’ll strongly suggest you read the book with an open mind and I’ll summerise a few key things that I have come away with:

1. Nothing outside the realms of understood science and law is impossible

2. However, practically nothing worth having is particularly easy

3. Thing big. Its the only way to get excited enough to motivate yourself to change something if your life

4. Learn languages. You are never too old

5. Accumulation of money and working for working sake is a waste of precious, finite time, unless you know what you want to achieve with that money, or the work is fulfilling and meaningful to you in some way

6. Think about the person you want to be remembered for when you are no longer around

7. Start right now. Not soon, not later, not next week, not when you have more money or more time. Right now.

8. Working as little as possible is not cheating

Read this book. Read Tim’s blog, watch his youtube videos:




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